Redefining a brand voice.

Vogue Financial is a multi-disciplinary financial firm that came to us initially for a logo design. In the process of redesigning their logo, they realised that to move forward in a positive way they needed to redefine their voice, and strategy across all communications.

Vogue Financial recognised that their digital voice and communications were not reflecting who they were or how they interacted with their clients. We spent some time auditing their current processes and web presence, and created a very specific plan to move forward.

Services Provided

  • SEO

We created content that was relevant, engaging and pushed users back to the site utilising eDMs and social.

The challenge with Vogue Financial was the multi-faceted nature of their business. We needed to communicate in a very succinct way, taking into account both user experience and SEO.

Using the website as the hub of their digital footprint, we reviewed all communications and put in place a structured system that provided specific analytics on interactions and reach.

We created a simple and effective web structure based on their business goals before we commenced design.

“On the web, the financial services category is cluttered. We wanted Vogue Financial to stand apart from their competitors so we created a graphic elements and iconography that they could truly own and utilise across all their business systems.

We wove this across a web design that encapsulated valuable information and interaction in a responsive, SEO focused site.

The results in a short space of time were very pleasing.

Key search terms have seen them move from page 11 to page 2 in under 3 weeksUsers are up 131% and sessions 187% with other metrics increasing across the board.”

Joe Amendolia, Executive Chairman – Vogue Financial

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